The Problem

  • Time

    Doctors have limited consultation times in which they are meant to investigate, diagnose, educate, and treat their patients. With added language and communication barriers, this negatively impacts the patient education and empowerment experience.

  • Accessibility

    Lower income households have limited access to healthcare platforms that aim to improve their understanding of illness and maintenance of health outside of the clinic environment.

  • Control

    Patients deserve tools that enable them to take control over their health.

Your community’s one-stop chronic health app. All available in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Completely free.

Introducing Mandla


Access to 40+ health booklets in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.


Personalised outcome-based health goal monitoring.


Simple medication tool with reminders and adherence history



Basic health information that is:

  • In your language (English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans)

  • Simple and without medical jargon

  • Empowering

  • Linked to additional helpful resources



Monitor your health with pre-set goals. Goals include:

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Alcohol intake

  • Smoking

  • HIV

  • Weight

Link your medication to your goal.
Use the available reference ranges to assess how you’re doing.



Manage your medication by:

  • Recording the intended purpose, dosage and time

  • Setting reminders

  • Having an overview of how well you’re remembering to take your medication

  • Noting any changes to your treatment

The Team

Dr Nkanyiso Hadebe

Dr Nkanyiso is from Soweto/Barberton and is a specialist Anaesthesiologist with a special interest in how our lifestyle choices influence our health.

MBChB | FCA (SA) | PhD Candidate

Gilad Shorer

Gilad is from Johannesburg and is a Medical student with experience in Immunology. He has a passion for information systems in health care

BMedSc Hons. Infectious Disease and Immunology | MBChB Candidate | MSc Bioinformatics Candidate

Siyavuya Fikamva

Siya hails from Lady Frere and is a Medical, and Chemical and Systems Biology student. He is passionate about people, language and wellness.

BMedSc Hons. Chemical and Systems Biology | MBChB Candidate | MSc Chemical and Systems Biology Candidate

Mark Verryn

Mark was born and raised in Pretoria and is a Medical student with a background in Human Genetics. He is fascinated by the socioeconomic factors influencing health.

BMedSc Hons. Human Genetics | MBChB Candidate | MPH Health Economics Candidate

We are passionate about the health of South Africans, particularly the underserved communities. We hope the communities will embrace Mandla as their strength to health.

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